A long time ago…in a galaxy far, far away….

The Empire claims dominion over vast tracts of the galaxy. However, there is claiming to control, and then there is having actual control. In Hutt space the two do not equate one another. Through a series of hushed mutual agreements the Imperials are allowed to lay claim to control without actually exerting true control over the Hutt and thus maintain the appearance of galactic dominance. The Hutt in turn agree to a public display of fealty while being able to quietly maintain their “businesses” in the background.

To say the xenophobic tyrannical mindset of the Empire, existing in tandem with the utter disregard of humanity by the Hutt creates anything other than a sea of moral social filth would be a galactic understatement unequaled. Yet it is in this exact circumstance the rogue’s gallery find themselves adrift. Endless troubles but also endless opportunities….