Hayvan Kass

Klatooinian Bounty Hunter



Hayvan Kass was a minor bounty hunter that worked Hutt space. He had connections and could put together a decent team. He was known for having made a few high end catches. His luck ran out on Nar Shaddaa recently. He had taken an Imperial Bounty on a Chadra-Fan by the name of Chirp. The Chadra-Fan supposedly had a few allies and Kass thought his 10 man team would be up to the task. 9 bodies later, he was wrong.

It was later revealed that in fact it was not Kass that was killed in the firefight with the group outside the Ulwann spaceport but a double. The group later discovered Chirp’s bounty had been collected and Kass had recorded the disruptor kill and turned it in to the Imperial.


Hayvan Kass

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