Ean Demetriun

Mandolrian Soldier



Ean Demetrium is a Mandalorian soldier and former member of the Death Watch. When the Clone Wars ended and the Empire rose, Mandalore was thrown into an even more chaotic state of affairs as a result of brief takeover by Darth Maul and then his sudden disappearance. A power struggle ensued within the Death Watch with the death of Pre Vizla and ascension of Maul that led to Demetrium’s departure. For nearly 15 years he has plied his skills for hire and made his way on the Outer Rim and in particular in Hutt space.

He now finds his services needed by a rag tag group of scoundrels working out of Nad Shaddaa. They seem trustworthy enough, for Hutt space, and the credits are right. They also managed to get him out of jail after a minor disagreement with a group of spaceport mechanics, so in a way he owes them.


Ean Demetriun

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