Chadra-Fan Rigger


Chirp is a Chandra-fan that has a reputation in Hutt space, which is a feat by any measure. The son of a brash technological genius, he grew up in the region working with his father performing maintenance on and doing construction of personal planetary vehicles. True to Chandra-fan nature he is extremely curious and will fiddle with just about any gizmo or gadget he comes across which costs him credits and contacts at times. But his skills continued to serve him usefully and he became somewhat pompous as a result.

When the rebellion started, Chirp was just a lad. He remembered his father talking of the “Damned fool idealistic crusade,” and the relief that the wars of the rebellion and the empire would largely bypass Hutt space. While the Hutt’s were no kind masters, the empire was far worse especially where the alien races were considered. Chirp and his father hoped to ride out the war in peace and far from it. But that was not to be.

Eventually the empire decided to take an interest in Hutt controlled space, and while the clashes were few Chirp lost his father to an empire extermination patrol. He vowed that he would exact his revenge on the empire. However, the rebellion at that time appeared so inept and incapable of achieving victory he loathed to hedge his bets in their corner.
Instead he took to his speederbike and began hunting down empire troops. One particularly fruitful evening he came upon a large munitions depot in the wastelands. Slaughtering the few guards with drive by strafing runs, he landed to inspect the goods. The intent of his actions were to sabotage the equipment and take some of it for himself to sell on the black market. As he poured through the stock, he came across a case of thermal detonators.

He snatched them up and began to tinker with one. As he pondered through the mechanical guts a light flickered. In a fit, Chirp tossed the activated detonator into the munitions dump and high-tailed it out staying just moments ahead of the explosion. This proved to be a great blow to the empire in the short term, but at the time Chirp did not realize that in his escape a sentry droid managed a clear visualization of him and his overly personalized speederbike.

Within days the empire had a price on his head. He was forced to sell his bike for parts and lay low, frequenting a cantina in hopes that work would come along so he could continue afford to continue his vendetta



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