Baubaratinnian Maddusin

Mixologist meets Infochant


Baubaratinnian Maddusin, Bothan and proprietor of Baub’s bistro, a jazzy cantina off the main spaceport in the Ulwan Bacheetska area of Nad Shaddaa. Baub serves an eclectic variety of the best spirits and spiced wines from around the galaxy, as well as, a surprisingly broad menu of exotic food items.


Baub also happens to be the infochant to know in Ulwan. He has recently taken a liking to a group of down trodden toughs that all seemed to wander into the bar one day with no real credits and little options in life. Baub decided to help them out…..for a reasonable percentage of course….it is Hutt space.


Baubaratinnian Maddusin

We don't need their scum.. Iandimitri004 Templar1060